Message from Chairman of the Board &CEO

Chairman of the Board &CEO, Marushin group Yoshihisa Ishiguro

In the Past, the Present and the future, Marushin group walks with customers

The Roots of Marushin group originated from Niitsu Tsunekichi-ou, referred to as the oil baron in Showa period, devoting himself to promote petroleum refining in Niigata prefecture, the center of oil in Japan.

The revered old Mr. Niitsu The Tsunekichi Okina laid the foundation of Showa Shell Sekiyu, struggling to contribute to society, such as donate a public hall in Niigata City, and left the Niitsu Memorial Museum as a guest house (preserving as “Public Interest Incorporated Foundation” at present)

After the war, Niitsu Yoshio, the founder of Marushin group set up a business based on petroleum distribution in the advent of the automobile society with economic development. Raising our motto “Smile and Sincere” and our immutable belief “Customer First” to realize improvement of customer satisfaction and wealthy society, we have expanded our business from selling petroleum product to LP gas, logistics services, and daily commodities so far. Since the founding of our company, over 60 years until today, we have been deeply appreciating the gift of patronage and support of everyone in the community.

In the future, Marushin group continues to be a corporate group that “approaching one step further to customers, to offer aids in community life, in the field of corporate activities”. Regarding business area, continuing to basis on the current energy and logistics services, we want to enforce the “automobile-related services” in addition to the "equipment and housing-related services" such as energy conservation, renovation, information technology and so on.

In particular, in Niigata Prefecture, automobiles are possessed 2.1 per a household according to automotive statistics, and are extremely important means of transportation comparing with the metropolitan area. Considering such regional features, Marushin group offers comprehensive services, not only selling gasoline but also car maintenance and insurance and we will strive to improve the customers’ comfort and convenience.

Further, in accordance with the philosophy of the founder’s social service, we continuously make every effort to promote regional culture through our operations.

We hope you will enjoy our service and to receive your continuous support and favor.

Chairman of the Board &CEO, Marushin group

Yoshihisa Ishiguro